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Buy Psychedelics Online USA

Buy Psychedelics Online USA

Traditional Amazonian drug linked to improved sense of well being, study suggests Buy Psychedelics Online USA. A psychedelic drug traditionally used in South America improves people’s general sense of well being and may offer a treatment for alcoholism and depression, new research suggests. Ayahuasca, a psychedelic brew often used in the Amazon region, contains dimethyltryptamine […]

Legal Psychedelics For Sale USA

Legal Psychedelics USA

Why are some mushrooms ‘magic?’ Legal Psychedelics For Sale USA Psychedelic mushrooms likely developed their “magical” properties to trip up fungi-munching insects, suggests new research. Legal Psychedelics For Sale USA The work helps explain a biological mystery and could open scientific doors to studies of novel treatments for neurological disease, said lead researcher Jason Slot, […]

New Mexico’s Pot Legalization Proposal Includes Workplace Protections

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buy weed online usa A bill that would legalize recreational cannabis in New Mexico includes workplace protections for employees that use pot while off the job. The bill by Albuquerque Democrats Sen. Jerry Ortiz y Pino and Rep. Javier Martinez is expected to be introduced in the legislature later this month, according to media reports. The bill […]

Bill Introduced To Legalize Marijuana In Virginia

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Virginia lawmakers are back at the capital for the 2019 legislative session that kicks off Wednesday. Gov. Ralph Northam will issue his State of the Commonwealth at 7 p.m. in Richmond after the General Assembly convenes at noon. This year’s session is scheduled to last 45 days and end on Feb. 23. Much of the […]

Recreational Weed May Spark Up Michigan’s Medical Marijuana Industry

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One in four applications for a license to run a medical marijuana facility made it to the state licensing board in 2018 as state officials conducted extensive vetting and fielded inquiries from 900 prospective businesses. Last year the industry welcomed new regulations and legal clarity from a 2016 law — the Medical Marihuana Facilities Licensing […]

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